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Written By: Lori Peters - Nov• 24•13

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iPhone 5C and 5S Gold, blue, green what color will you get?

Written By: Lori Peters - Sep• 10•13


Cool Lime Green iPhone 5C Which iPhone will you buy?

Cool Lime Green iPhone 5C
Which iPhone will you buy?

Apple iPhone C pink is this your fancy?

Apple iPhone C pink is this your fancy?

Blue iPhone 5C is way Cool

Blue iPhone 5C is way Cool

blue iphone5c

A6 chip. 8MP iSight camera. 4-inch Retina display. Ultrafast LTE wireless. iPhone 5c has the things that made iPhone 5 an amazing phone — and more, including iOS 7. All in a completely new design that feels great in your hand.

IOS 7 is going to automatically update all your apps for you.  No more seeing those silly little numbers pop up and having

to decide what to update.  Also we will get iTunes Radio for free.  You also get free iWorks 5 programs with a new

Iphone5C or iPhone5S..  iMovie, Keynote, iMovie, Numbers and Pages.  So you will save a few bucks on that too.

Choose Gold, Gray or White for your new iPhone5S and it will remember your fingerprint to know it's you

Choose Gold, Gray or White for your new iPhone5S
and it will remember your fingerprint to know it’s you


Earlier today Apple unveiled 2 brand new iPhones to be released on September 20th. As the launch date for new iPhones gets closer, the value of old iPhones continues to depreciate. To ensure consumers who are planning to upgrade to a new iPhone get the most value out of their old device, Gazelle is offering consumers the opportunity to lock in today’s price for their previous model iPhones or other devices until 11:59 p.m. ET tonight. Consumers who lock in their price today will have until October 15th to send it in. Current pricing for the iPhone 5 ranges between $125 for a broken phone and $350 for a phone in flawless condition. With the sale price of the new iPhone 5c set at $99 with a 2 year contract, you can trade in your broken iPhone, get the new release, and still have some money left over for groceries! Additionally, Gazelle launched its Become a Gazellionaire™ Sweepstakes where one lucky person can win $1 million.Visit Gazelle.com/sweeps for more info.

Go to Gazelle today, see what your iPhone or other device is worth, and trade it in for a chance to win $1 million!

Watch a Penguin Chase a Mouse on his iPad

Written By: Lori Peters - Mar• 18•13


He is using the Cat app. Where is the Penguin app? Doesn’t he chase rhinos or hippos or sharks or seals or oh yeah, fish. Where’s the fish? McDonalds? Fishy Fishy.

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So You Want to Create an App

Written By: admin - Mar• 06•13

So You Want to Make Your Own App?

Will you give it away for free?  Some say that is the best way to make money on it.  

With in app advertising, you don’t have to charge the buyers of the app.  2/3 of the people say

they would rather get a free app and watch some ads in their app.

Also once players are involved in your app, you could always sell them ad ons.  Of course you could start it as a free app and get them to upgrade to the paid version later if they don’t like watching the ads, but

they enjoy using the app.






Here are a couple scenarios from the Wall Street Journal.  What do you think?  Would you rather use a free app with ads on it or just pay a few bucks up front for your app purchase?

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Oscars App available on iTunes

Written By: admin - Feb• 24•13


OOscars 2013 get the app

Oscars 2013 get the app

Oscars Leading Men


The official Oscars® app for 2013.  Stay up-to-date on all things leading up to OSCAR SUNDAY – February 24.


• Access info on nominees, movie trailers, exclusive videos, and photos

• Watch hosted specials on fashion and nominated films and actors

• Cast and share your virtual ballot with My Picks


• Watch your favorite celebrities as they walk the Red Carpet

• Follow the winners backstage in the Dolby Theatre

• See the stars mingle on Hollywood’s biggest night

On OSCAR SUNDAY, get the ultimate insider’s look with our exclusive Backstage Pass. We have over a dozen LIVE backstage and Red Carpet video streams to give you the best view of the action.  It’s the perfect companion to have when watching the show on ABC.

Follow the action in “Watch Mode” as our correspondents guide you through the ultimate Oscar Experience. If you’d prefer to call your own shots, switch to “Direct Mode” to control what cameras to view.

Just in time to offer fans everything they need to know about this year’s nominees, the official Oscars App is now available for free on all Android 4.0 devices in Google Play, including Samsung’s Galaxy Note® II, Galaxy Note® 10.1 and Galaxy S® III, as well as the new Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD in the Amazon appstore for Android. It will also continue to be available on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch in the App Store®.

Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.



Nifty New Products From Obaz for Your Phone, Ipad and more On Sale

Written By: admin - Feb• 16•13

  This is a Cool Shirt. Punching the Shark.  Take that shark


Here are some cool products I found from Obaz.  Get $10 off


Only $35 pick your favorite color
IPhone 5 Knuckle Case – Hold onto your iPhone  - never drop it again.

  Need a new case for your iPhone 4S? Try a lightweight bamboo


Poppy Flowers Iphone Case

Great for Spring – pretty   $45





 Wanna go Old School with Your iPhone5 and freak out your friends get 

get these cassette Tape Covers   Only $20





  Very Hip Canvas Ipad Cases – Show off your style

Only $28


Happy Holidays To Your iPhone

Written By: admin - Dec• 24•12


Ipad Learning Apps for Kids Winter 2012

Written By: admin - Dec• 23•12

Reprinted from Imagination Soup




Posted by Melissa Taylor on 20 Dec 2012

XWelcome to Imagination Soup! You’ll find ideas for making reading, writing, and learning fun for kids. You can subscribe for free literacy and learning ideas. Be sure to leave a comment and say hello!
Ready for some new educational apps? I figured this was about the time you would be itching to get some new apps. Kids home for several weeks. Extra time. All of that.

Pettson’s Inventions 2 $1.99
math, visual

pettsons inventions

Cartoony graphics get to figure out how to build something but it’s not as easy as it seems because you can’t just put something somewhere – must figure out a system. It’s loads of thinking fun!

The Curse $2.99
math, thinking skills


Oh, no! You’ve accidentally released an evil villain. You can only reverse it if you solve all the puzzles in the book. For each puzzle you solve, you get a cog to unlock the final puzzle. The puzzles include tangram, riddle, magic square, sliding blocks (like Rush Hour) and lots more — tricky fun!

piano math

Number Run $.99


I love this app for math practice. Your character is running along and must answer the math problem (1 + 5) correctly to defeat the upcoming obstacles.

UmiZooomi $1.99

A fun, interactive story that asks the reader to help Jake find his lost stuffed bunny at the carnival.Play the categorizing balloons game. Look for colors, shapes, or clusters of balloons.Make a picture using the provided stickers.

Geography Drive USA $4.99

Great for kids over ten. A fun, interactive trivia game through the United States. You’re driving your car through the states and to get gas or go earn the state pass, players must answer stat trivia questions.

Thud: Presidential Edition $2.99

I love that this trivia game keeps giving you chances until you get the correct answer. But the questions can get HARD – so start with the easiest level first. Example: Pick the Republican. 1) H.S. Truman 2) James Buchanan 3) John F. Kennedy. Great music and sound effects!

Paul Revere – Ansel & Claire $5.49

Wow, this is probably the best example of learning through gaming that I’ve seen! It’s a superb learning app in this interactive history game. It’s very engaging with lots of information and recall questions in the form of games and quizes.

Dora Christmas Carol Adventure $1.99

Santa Claus starts out to tell us a story of how Sneaky Swiper got on both the naughty and nice list. My daughter loves it – very colorful, interactive, and entertaining. Perfect for all Dora fans.

ABC ZooBorns $2.99
science, reading

Beautiful photos with lots of options for scrolling, viewing, and learning.

Grammaropolis $1.99

The best part of this app is the animated grammar videos.

Little Fox’s Music Box $2.99

Young kids will love this super-cute interactive animated scenes with familiar music. The songs are: Old MacDonald, London Bridge is Falling Down, and Evening Song.

Toontastic Jr. Pirates $1.99
writing, imagination

I love Toontastic as a storytelling app for kids. This version allows kids to write and narrate their own pirate story with a starter beginning, middle and end — which is easier for most kids than the original showing narrative arc! While kids move around the characters, they record their voice either narrating or speaking as a character. Then, kids get to add background music. It’s fantastic!

Word Mover FREE

A fun poetry app using the word bank they show you.

PlayArt $1.99

Create and play with images taken from Van Gogh, Klee, Rousseau, Monet and Cézanne paintings to make your own paintings. You’ll learn about the artists, too.

Bridge FREE or $.99

One of the coolest apps I’ve ever seen. It gives kids opportunities to build shapes and styles of bridges out of different materials. You must test the bridge with cars and heavy trucks, too. My kids really love the challenge.

Dummy Defense $.99
engineering, math

Another fantastic learning app. Kids must protect Melvin the Dummy from bombs, explosions, boulders, and spiked walls but they must design a structure to protect Melvin. Kids need to consider budget, design, and blueprints.

Toca Boca Band $1.99
music, imagination

Get moving and groovin’ with this next awesome app from Toca Boca. Add and subtract sounds, instruments, and rhythms to create your own music.

Don’t miss these new and equally awesome Toca Boca apps: Toca Tailor Fairy Tales -FREE, Toca Salon Xmas -FREE.

My Beastly ABCs $3.99

A fun alphabet story of monsters that will keep your young readers engaged.

AzawhistleKids Tejas and Lollipop’s Great Clean Up $4.99

Tejas is a little boy, Lollipop is a meditating dog. Only in this story, meditating is called “Mashpotatoeing” because it mashes out the noise in your head. Inhale. Exhale. While Lollipop mashpotatoes, Tejas decides to clean his room – a room with everything upside down. Tejas becomes overwhelmed and worried. Lollipop reminds him that everything has a home. (While doing yoga moves.) We get to help Tejas find a home for each of his things. Great story and I like the interactive components.

Rosita y Conchita in 3D $4.99
reading, culture

What a fantastic story app! JJ loved the story, which is kind of sad and heartwarming both. Bittersweet I suppose. This is the story of two sisters in Mexico – one who has died. It’s the Day of the Dead. While Conchita builds her sister an alter, Rosita journeys to find her.

Parker Penguin $4.99
reading, science

Parker Penguin is an interactive story about Parker and all the characteristics of penguins — that they don’t fly but swim well, they hunt for fish and bigger animals hunt them . . . It’s very cute and you’ll learn all about penguins.

The Year of the Dragon $4.99
reading, culture

A dragon hatchling, Dominic, and his family fly to the imperial palace. He’s cute and loves to fly and play with his animal friends and a boy named Bo. They all want to be in the boat races on the river but no one will help them learn to paddle a boat. When the finally do get a boat, Dom’s parents say dragons should be doing more important things. Then Dom decides to be a boat, not try to paddle one. A beautiful story app with great interactive elements.

The Legend of Momotoro $2.99
reading, culture

A Japanese folk tale with gorgeous illustrations and interesting extras about the language and traditions of Japan. Beautiful and engaging.

Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor HD $.99
math (sort-of)

Okay, I totally love this game and last night I played it for 30 minutes before the kids told me to get off. I think the point of the game is to build webs so your spider can eat and explore. Geometry, right?The graphics are exceptional – some of the best you’ll see on the iPad. And, yes, my kids like this game a lot, too.


Written By: admin - Dec• 22•12


Today, the weirdest and most memorable of all: the Necomimi Brain-Powered Cat Ears ($100).

This is amazing for cat-wannabees.

I used brain wave head gear in Grad school at NYU, but it didn’t have the ears this is much more fun.

It’s a headband with fluffy white cat ears attached. They perk up, flop down and otherwise turn, cutely and catlike, in sync with your brainwaves.

 Express Your Feline nature with Necomimi Cat Ears

Express Your Feline nature with Necomimi Cat Ears

But some things the Necomimis do extremely well are get attention, start conversations and make your holiday gift memorable. It doesn’t take a lot of brainwaves to realize that.